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CATA’s work focuses on workers’ rights, health and safety in the workplace, immigrant's rights, and food justice. In 2021 we reached 1,500 farmworkers, visited 72 labor camps, assisted 36 workers with compensation and termination cases, workplace violations, wage theft, COVID-19 violations, and sexual harassment, and 177 workers participated in our Health and Safety the Workplace workshops during COVID-19.

CATA's Organic Community Garden in Bridgeton, NJ, thrived during the pandemic, bringing a source of fresh produce to the immigrant community at a time when fresh food was scarce for some families. Unfortunately, this pandemic has taught us our agricultural system is not reliable in feeding our people. The immigrant community we serve was affected tremendously and disproportionally. Yet, despite the many challenges we faced, we harvested almost 508 lbs. of produce in over 58 different varieties.  

CATA's community radio station, RadioCATA, became an essential source of information for the Latino community during the pandemic, sharing information on COVID-19, social supports and resources, state and federal assistance available, worker health and safety, and worker's right during the pandemic. We have a fantastic team of seven Latinx volunteer DJs who host live radio shows. We also broadcast four podcasts from partner organizations. In addition, this year, we have produced ten informational bites about relevant topics for our audience like immigration, food justice, and gender justice, among others. 

In 2021 we have collaborated with different organizations to fight for immigrant community rights, obtain more protections, and provide more economic support for the community. These efforts have accomplished a lot! For example, in New Jersey, together with the Protect New Jersey Workers Coalition, we won protections during the pandemic for essential workers under an Executive Order from the Governor. Additionally, in collaboration with the New Jersey Coalition of Excluded Workers, we pushed the State to establish an Economic Relief Fund for NJ people excluded from other financial aid.

In Pennsylvania, we submitted a proposal to allow undocumented immigrants access a driver's license for the second year. Now the proposal has 42 sponsors.  In Maryland, we have participated in a Coalition called Marylanders for Food and Farm Worker Protection. We have pressured the Governor to issue an OSHA rule in Maryland to protect essential workers and a proposal to support farmworkers' access to housing. Learn more about CATA's work during 2021 here:

We would not be able to do this critical work without the help and financial support from people like you. Your support, your volunteer time, and your calls and emails are what give us ALL the ability to be successful in building a better community! The need continues to grow for workers impacted by the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. We need your help to continue supporting them during these difficult times. We can't do it without you. Please donate today!

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